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Concert Calender 2010

2/27 Muse w/ Silversun Pickups The Arena at Gwinnett. (#1 show of the year thus far)

3/20 Spoon w/The Strange Boys and Deerhunter at the Tabernacle. (#2 show of the year thus far only b/c Muse's theatrics were so awesome and I didn't expect to like them so much. For sheer sentimental, fangirl ecstasy this is #1)

3/24 (Band name pending), Bad Rabbits, The Young Veins, Foxy Shazam at Hell in the Masquerade.

4/8 Vampire Weekend w/ Abe Vigoda at the Tabernacle. (bumped to #4 show of the year thus far. Made me like Contra including Horchata which I still think is a ridiculous song.)

5/13 OK Go w/ Earl Greyhound!! at the Loft

5/29 Psychedelic Furs w/ She Wants Revenge (#5)

6/7 Cobra Starship w/ Travis McCoy (and some other people I don't really care about) at the Tabernacle.

6/19 Silversun Pickups w/ Against Me! and the Henry Clay People at the Tabernacle. (#3, rocked my pants off)

7/10 Rooney w/ The Young Veins at the Loft

7/8 Interpol at the 40 Watt  They canceled the show! I'm still mad about this.

8/9 Green Day!!! at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (Possible #1 judging by last year's performance)

8/11 Arcade Fire and Spoon at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater


So this is what it feels like

I'm going to talk about the USA-Algeria game so I'm going to cut for people who haven't seen it yet. Reaction...Collapse )


I'm a special snowflake...again

Recently, I was complaining how my fandom dreams tend to suck. There was the one with the 10th Doctor where I desperately tried to keep these things things that looked like Clive Barker's imagining of fraggles from breaking through the door while the Doctor argued with his sonic screwdriver. So that one was a wee bit scary.

Then there was the one where I was stuck in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games and Dean Winchester was from my district so we were temporary partners. Ideally, that sounds perfect because I know he can fight but he spent so much time trying to find out what happened to Sam that I was ready to stab him with the stake I whittled out of a tree branch. Harsh, I know, but the Sawyer/Locke team was close to finding us even in the torrential rain (sneaky bastards) and Dean was dead weight.

Now my latest dream involved Neal Caffrey, photo below for reference.
Actually let me repeat myself: Neal CaffreyCollapse )

So Neal Caffrey is in my home -in my bedroom- for some unexplained reason and do I tear his well tailored suit off and have my wicked way with him in this dream world my subconscious has gifted me with?

No, I look at him and very seriously ask if he could use his many and varied talents to fix my tv...because USA is playing in five minutes...and I'm more worried about missing the game than I want to sleep with him....*facepalm*

ETA: So what does this say about me? My anxiety over what's happening right now and my overarching obsession with football tops my love of pretty boys.

I need a box of tissues now

OK Go rocking the bells!

So I went to see OK Go and they were awesome and they played What to do on hand bells and it was awesome!

OK Go's WTF with fuzzy guitars and lasers...Collapse )


My response to the Supernatural finale using the Kübler-Ross Five Stages of Grief.Collapse )
OMFG!! Lost, you bastards!!!!

Uncomfortably Annoyed

I'm finally starting to catch up with Supernatural, meaning that I watched one of the three episodes I've missed because I had a group meeting that lasted 2 and half hours afterward. For the most part I liked Dark Side of the Moon. I found the idea of the boys dieing and going to heaven more than once interesting and I squeed when I saw Ash. Seriously, he was awesome. However I had issues not so much with the episode itself but certain things that were explored in it.

Thoughts. No real spoilers.Collapse )

In summary, I miss my show or I miss the excitement I used to have for my show.

PS- I wanted to smack Dean for dropping the necklace at the end, that was just cruel. Seriously, if they make Dean any more emo, I going to cut someone.


So I saw Young Veins with catnamedbuffy  and they adorably awkward with the banter between Jon and Ryan, Ryan's continuous problems with his sound, their jailbait drummer and the keyboardist on the floor who of course was from Atlanta because he was the most normally dressed person on that stage.

Ryan has pretty hair and freakishly long fingers and doesn't sweat and likes grandpa sweaters a wee bit much thus he is now an alien in my mind and fails at understanding our bizarre earth customs. Jon has a lovely smile and makes me kind of want to have a poodle skirt and bobby socks on when he sings.

The line up of the bands was a weird because the Young Veins were mellow and were sandwiched between two bands that were loud and super hyped, especially Foxy Shazam. Foxy Shazam passed hyped straight into insane. There was stage diving, the eating of a handful of lit cigarettes, the bassist doing something where all I could see were his legs kicking in the air and the singer just being fabulously flamboyant.

Bad Rabbits came on before Young Veins and were awesome in a falsetto singing, funky new jack swingy kind of way that reminded of all the house parties I was too young to go to back then. Two tracks from their EP:
Bad Rabbits - She's Bad
Bad Rabbits - Girl I'm Like Damn! (feat. Travis McCoy)

Anyway, back to Young Veins. I've re-watched this video since the concert and the song is growing on me. There's a retro early 60s feel to it that I like.

Everything I know about their music is what they told me that night which unfortunately did not include announcing the names of any of the songs I recorded. So previous song is known as the one where Jon sings until further notice and this one is the one where Ryan has a tambourine and Jon grooves out. If anyone knows the actual song titles, let me know and I'll change them.

Cut for the tambourine song video. Discussion on the potential awkwardness of reading RPS and Misha Collins...Collapse )
Bob, nooooo!!!! Not my Bob!!!

Thank you MCR for dragging me back to lj just to turn me into a weepy fangirl. I'm too old for this shit (and wearing too much eyeliner. I knew I should have invested in waterproof.)